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Asoon Alphabet for Arabic & Farsi Language: 

Character AHD IPA

  Name & Pronunciation

a: (Arabic: alif) (Farsi: alef)
father, mall, wall
b b (Arabic: baa) (Farsi: be)
brother, bay, big
p p (Farsi: pe)
poor, picture
t t (Arabic: taa) (Farsi: te)
tea, toy, tired
th θ (AS) (Arabic: thaa) (Farsi: the)
j dʒ (Arabic: jeem) (Farsi: jeem)
soldier, jaw, age, jewel
ch tʃ (AS) (Farsi: che)
chair, nature, cherry
h ħ (AS) (Arabic: haa) (Farsi: he) ("H" as Hotti) 
hallow, heaven
(breathing out from the bottom of throat)
kh x (AS) (Arabic: kha) (Farsi: khe)
(Euro-Spanish), Bach (German), loch (Irish) (Scratching the bottom of your throat)
d d (Arabic: daal) (Farsi: daal)
doctor, door
tha (AS) (Arabic: thaal) (Farsi: thaal)
r r (Arabic: raa) (Farsi: re)
radio, river, mirror
z z (Arabic: zaa) (Farsi: ze)
zoo, zebra, reservation, abuse
(v), rose
zh ʒ (AS) (Farsi: zhe)
garage, television, je t'aime
s s (Arabic: seen) (Farsi: seen)
sin, singer, super
sh ʃ (AS) (Arabic: sheen) (Farsi: sheen)
ship, mission, shower, washer
sa ʂ (AS) (Arabic: saat) (Farsi: saat)
subject, supper
da ď (AS) (Arabic: daat) (Farsi: daat)
mother, ramadan
ta ť (AS) (Arabic: taa) (Farsi: taa)
tall, tower
dh ʐ (AS) (Arabic: dhaa) (Farsi: dhaa)
Abu Dhabi
ă (AS) (Arabic: ain) (Farsi: ein) 
absolute, alley, 
abduct ("A" sound coming from deep down of your throat)
gha ʁ (AS) (Arabic: qhain) (Farsi: ghain)
rue (French) (gargling and scratching your throat)
f f (Arabic: faa) (Farsi: fe)
food, photo, difficult, rough, laugh
gh q (Arabic: ghaaf) (Farsi: ghaaf)
Paris (French) (gargling and scratching your throat)
k k (Arabic: kaaf) (Farsi: kaaf)
kick, cat, copy, 
g g (Farsi: gaaf)
girl, good, golf
l l (Arabic: la'm) (Farsi: laam)
love, lady, gold
m m (Arabic: meem) (Farsi: meem)
mother, movie, camera
n n (Arabic: noon) (Farsi: noon)
new, nine, manager
v v (Arabic: waav) (Farsi: vaav)
view, never, viva, water
h h (Arabic: haa) (Farsi: he) ("H" as havvaz)
hat, happy,childhood
y j (Arabic: yaa) (Farsi: ye)
yes, mirror, oyster, yesterday
ei ʔ (AS) (Arabic: ei) (Farsi: ei) (Hamzeh is a glottal stop and it occurs in the middle of a word)
aisle, right, neighbor
t t (AS) (Arabic: ta Marbooteh) (Farsi: he ettesah) ("h" where connecting 2 words to be pronounced "t")
ke-tt-le, ca-te-gory
(as an English replication only)
Null - (Arabic: ha Maghsooreh) (Farsi: he Saaken) (silent "h")
site, divide (similar to voiceless "e" in English)
al - (AS) (AR: alif laam) Capital "A" at the beginning of word always spells out, otherwise it doubles the first letter of next word.
la - (AS) (AR: laam alif) A unique shape of "L" & "A" together and separate at the beginning of a sentence or as an expression for "No!"

ă Short vowel (AR: Fat'hah) (FA: zenar)
apple, cat, laugh, valve

ĕ (F)
ĭ (A)
ε (F)
Short vowel (AR: Kasrah) (FA: zeer)
egg, any, pet (FA)  bit, busy, women (AR)

o (F)
ŭ (A)
o (F)
Short vowel (AR: Dammah) (FA: peesh)
boy, Moslem, woman (FA)  true, took, Muslim (AR)

ā ā (AR: Madda) (FA: "A" with a hat)
all, call, culture (to emphasize the length of a sound of a consonant)

a: (AS) Long vowel for "A" sound (Simillar to AR alif maghsoureh)
wall, call, cutter, father (longer sound as English "a")

ōō ū (AS) Long vowel for "U" sound
Boot, Asoon, Shoot

ē i (AS) Long vowel for "I" sound
river, village, victory (longer sound as English "i")

- - (AR: ja'zm) (FA: sokun)
London, Picture, Sad (Create a Null consonant)

- - (AR: Shadda) (FA: Tashdeed)
Muhammad, Moallem (Doubled consonant or germination, when occurs the second consonant takes the diacritic sound)

ăn n (AR: Tanvin Fat'hatain) (FA: 2 zebar) 
Kabeeran (Always at the end of a word Emphasizing its diacritical sound)

ĕn (F)
ĭn (A)
εn (F)
(AR: Tanvin Kas'ratain) ( FA: 2 zeer)
Muhammaden (Always at the end of a word Emphasizing its diacritical sound)

on (F)
ŭn (A)
on (F)
(AR: Tanvin Dam'matain) (FA: 2 peesh)
Muhammadon (Always at the end of a word Emphasizing its diacritical sound)


AHD: American Heritage Dictionary
International Phonetic Alphabet
or AR: Arabic
or FA: Farsi
AS: Asoon Alphabet only
***All words are in English, unless otherwise noted.***

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