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Asoon Alphabet:

If You see any of "E", "O", "U", or "W" vowels in Asoon alphabet,
you need to download
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Asoon Lesson 1:
Aren't you tired of seeing "Abraham", "Ebrahim", or "Ibrahim" for the same name.  Consonant letters "B", "R", "H", and "M" are the same in all of them and only the vowels change. In Asoon they would look: "AIb&rIhIm&", "Aeb&rIhim&", "Aib&rIhiM&" respectively.  Asoon unique feature is how to use Arabic diacritics situated between consonants to create one single shape of word.  What about "Omar Khayyam" in English and "Omar Chajjam" in German.  What if we write "Aomwr Xwy`Im&" with Asoon alphabet and eliminate the confusion?

Lets try 4 different names that are all made from Arabic Roof of " حمد - Hamada".  They are: Muhammad, Hamed, Hamid and Hemad.  They have 4 different  meanings that are all derived from "Hamada" root.  In Asoon with respect to their root "hwmwdw" they can be written: Mohwm`wd&> HImed&> Hwmid&> and HemId&.

Asoon has borrowed both Latin and Arabic Alphabets to create its new alphabet and it reads from left to right.  Asoon uses Latin alphabet for its consonants and Arabic Diacritics for its vowels.  Arabic diacritics (harakat) are invented 3 centuries after the Quran revelation in order to eliminate wrong pronunciation during reciting of Quran.  Arabic diacritics are the most advanced type diacritics that could create a lesser confusion for a reader.  Asoon has used some of the original Arabic diacritics and also added some new diacritics that are usually being used in Persian or Arabic calligraphy.  Asoon has also added some marks to some standard Latin Alphabet to create new single shaped consonants.

Asoon alphabet for Farsi and Arabic alphabets  is divided to 4 sections called "SEDA":
1- Single Consonants that pronounce the same way that they write.  They are 19 characters: A> B> P> T> J> D> R> Z> S> F> Q> K> G> L> M> N> V> H> Y.

Asoon A B P T J D R Z S F Q K G L M N V H Y
Arabic آ ب پ ت ج د ر ز س ف ق ک گ ل م ن و هه ي
Name alef be pe te jim de re ze seen fe qhaaf kaaf gaaf laam meem noon vaav he ye
AHD b p t j d r z s f gh k g l m n v h y
IPA a: b p t dʒ d r z s f q k g l m n v h j

2- Emphatic Consonants that pronounce heavier and stronger than their similar Single Consonants.  In Farsi, most of the time it is very difficult to distinguish a sound between a Single Consonant and its Emphatic one, i.e. "فراق-Faragh" or "فراغ-Faraghh".  Also In Farsi language some words write in both ways, i.e. "تهران-Tehran" or "طهران -Tahran".  In Asoon Alphabet for similarity, a Caron (wedge shape mark) has been added on top of a Single Consonant to create an Emphatic one.  They are 7 characters: H^> Z^> S^> D^> T^> A^> Q^.

Asoon H^ Z^ S^ D^ T^ A^ Q^                        
Arabic ح ذ ص ض ط ع غ                        
Name haa thaal saat daat taa ain qhain                        
AHD h tha sa da ta gha                        
IPA ħ ʂ ď ť ă ʁ                        

3- Digraphic Consonants are when 2 letters run together representing a new sound.  Most of the time the Single Consonant is followed by Letter "H".  Six characters in Asoon alphabet follow that rule and letter "H" is substituted by a "   %" (single dote) above the letter.  They are 6 characters: C "th", | "ch", X "kh", } "zh",  { "sh", < "dh".

Asoon C | X } { <                          
Arabic ث چ خ ژ ش ظ                          
Name the che khe zhe sheen dhaa                          
AHD th ch kh zh sh dh                          
IPA θ tʃ x ʒ ʃ ʐ                          

4- Arabic Diacritics or Vowel signs are the most important part in Asoon alphabet.  They are connecting all the 3 above consonants to create a single word to be pronounced as close as it gets to its original pronunciation. In Asoon Alphabet, each consonant can use different type of diacritics to create all vowels needed for any specific language.  For Arabic and Farsi , there are 6 diacritics for vowels, one for null (voiceless) consonant, one for doubling a consonant, and three called "Tanvins" that are mostly used in Arabic language.  For Japanese, there are 5 diacritics for simple vowels, three for diphthongs (mixed vowels), and one diacritics for voiceless "N".

Asoon w e o I u i &   `   ~   *              
Arabic a i u aa oo ee null - aaa                
Farsi a e o aa oo ee null - aaa                
AHD ă ĕ (F)
ĭ (A)
o (F)
ŭ (A)
ōō ē - - ā ie              
IPA ε (F)
po (F)
a: ū i - z ā ʔ              

This is full Asoon Alphabet in Farsi or Arabic Order:
there are total of 32 characters in Farsi alphabet and 28 characters in Arabic alphabets.  Among them there are 8characters (C> H^> S^> D^> T^> <> A^> Q^) that are purely Arabic but used in Farsi language for imported Arabic words and there are 4 characters that are Farsi alphabet only ( P> |> }> G).

Asoon A B P T C J | H^ X D Z^ R Z } S { S^ D^  
Arabic آ ب پ ت ث ج چ ح خ د ذ ر ز ژ س ش ص ض  
Name alef be pe te the jim che haa khe de thaal re ze zhe seen sheen saat daat  
AHD b p t th j ch h kh d tha r z zh s sh sa da  
IPA a: b p t θ dʒ tʃ ħ x d r z ʒ s ʃ ʂ ď  
Asoon T^ < A^ Q^ F Q K G L M N V H Y          
Arabic ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک گ ل م ن و هه ي          
Name taa dhaa ain qhain fe qhaaf kaaf gaaf laam meem noon vaav he ye          
AHD ta dh gha f gh k g l m n v h y          
IPA ť ʐ ă ʁ f q k g l m n v h j          

This is full Asoon Alphabet in Latin Order:

Asoon A A^ B | D D^ < F G H H^ J K X L M N P  
Arabic آ ع ب چ د ض ظ ف گ هه ح ج ک خ ل م ن پ  
Name alef ain be che de daat dhaa fe gaaf he haa jim kaaf khe laam meem noon pe  
AHD b ch d da dh f g h h j k kh l m n p  
IPA a: ă b tʃ d ď ʐ f g h ħ dʒ k x l m n p  
Asoon Q Q^ R S S^ { T T^ C V Y Z Z^ }          
Arabic ق غ ر س ص ش ت ط ث و ي ز ذ ژ          
Name qhaaf qhain re seen saat sheen te taa the vaav ye ze thaal zhe          
AHD gh gha r s sa sh t ta th v y z tha zh          
IPA q ʁ r s ʂ ʃ t ť θ v j z ʒ          

These are extra Asoon characters for other non-Latin base languages:

Asoon B% D$ K$ G^ G$ N^ N% N$ P% T$ V^ V$              
Name bh dil ng gu gow nya nh ng ph tei w wg              



If You see any of "E", "O", "U", or "W" vowels in Asoon alphabet,
you need to download
Asoon font   

 After downloading, please read how to Install Asoon Font to your Windows System font folder 


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